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Used Continental Race Tires


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Seeking interest in anybody interested in picking up used racing tires (slicks) from a Conti Team......


Tires would be, let's say, one event old. For example: bought new for Sebring and used for qualifying, one race stint (about 45min/hour), and then two practice sessions. Tires would then be available at the next race...


Quote from team tire guy:


"Our tracking chart has two primary 'trigger' points. We try not to use them past four heat cycles, and/or 175 miles. Any sets after 4 heat cycles and 150 miles we try to avoid using them.


Another less recorded characteristic is they tend to have about two hours total run time on them when we discard them.



That said, qualifiers would have heat cycles from qualifying, first half of a race, and typically 2 practice sessions from the next race event. Non-qualifiers would have a little longer race stint, and 3 practice sessions from the next race event.


I'm kinda ruling out Daytona and MRLS tires since the races are twice as long, but for example...

-Sebring qual/race tires would be available after COTA

-COTA tires would be available after WG etc..."




Tires would be $50 each and available for pick up at any event the Conti series runs. I guess shipping would be available from team shop for a fee.


Tire size is 225/45/17



Please PM me if interested....

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