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Side Windows for BMW e36 coupe

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Hi all,


I have a '98 e36 m3 coupe GTS2 build and I no longer have the side windows (driver and passenger door). Unfortunately I don't have an enclosed trailer and my car is exposed to the elements during transport. I used to live in CO in the Rocky Mtn region where this was not such a big issue, but have since moved to IL where rain is always a threat.


Does anyone know of a good place to get either replacement windows or Lexans that are fit to the car (curved appropriately) that I could easily install/mount somehow during transit/storage to keep out the elements?


There was a guy in the Rocky Mtn region that had some windows from an e36 and installed a bracket that allowed the bottom of the window to slide into the door frame creating a decent seal. Don't have his contact info otherwise I'd ask him.


I'm open to any suggestions.


Any help is appreciated.




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Quick update...


I found a source for pre-fit poly windows, but they are not curved as i understand it and they are only meant for use when the car is static/not being towed.




If anyone has experience with these, would like your input or if anyone has any ideas on how to secure the top portion of the window to the car so that they would be secure in transit, I'm all ears... Was thinking you could mount some sort of rotatable bracket that rotates up and braces the roof (no window frame on e36).

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