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So what'd I miss?


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Admittedly I've been gone for awhile, so what'd I miss here? Back in circa '07 there was conversation all over this forum. I've been checking in on it the past couple weeks and it's like crickets. What gives?

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Lucid Moments

It's all pretty dead here. Some have moved to a facebook group, but that isn't as active as this used to be. Not sure why.

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IMO, Facebook is disposable. It's fun to scroll through and see what's happening right now, but there's no real conversation. You might get a few replies on a post, but then something new pops up and it's old news. A forum is great because I could go back to a thread from ten years ago (if I wanted to), and pull it up. There's something more substantial about a forum. Facebook is the shiny thing that distracts people.


Well anyway, how are the events these days? Still pretty full? Did they have to start having a power scooter class so Fred, Falcon, and Jim could still compete?

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