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Help getting my car classified e36 328is


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I was wondering if you all could help me figure out what class my car would run. I have a:


1997 BMW 328is

Car weight with driver: 3,148


Engine: M52

• M3 (s52) cams

• TRM ECU tune

• Intake (AFE)

• Electric fan



• Ground Control Advanced designs (double adjustable: rebound and compression)

• Eibach adjustable sway bars

• Camber plates

• Poly/delrin mix bushings

• Linear springs


Exhaust system:

• Catback muffler



• Front e46 330i rotors and calipers

• Rear e36 M3 rotors and calipers

• Hawk HT10 pads

• Braided steel lines



• Dry: Proxes RR 235/40/17

• Wet: Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/40/18



• Splitter up front

• Sneed 4 speed Spoiler/wing



• E36

• E36 x-brace

• Stripped out



• LSD 3.23

• Poly trans bushings



• 4 pt. bolt on autopower roll bar

• Momo Start 2007 seats

• OMP 804 leggera 6 pt harnesses

• Fire extinguisher


From Rule book, car should be TTF to begin with

BMW 328 = TTF Wt.: 3197


I have calculated +35pts

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The best way to get a vehicle classed is to read the rules over and over again. Then estimate it yourself using a classing form. Last, meet with the time trial director for your region to go over your car with aforementioned form. Too often classing over the internet rarely turns out well. What some people consider a splitter is more points than just a splitter. Pictures usually raise more questions than answers.

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