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HPDE Self-Tech Clarification, NE Region


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It seems this has been covered 100 times already, but everywhere I look I find partially conflicting info on the forum.


I'm signed up for NJMP May 6-7 and plan to do as many track days as I can this year.


Simple '92 Miata. I've followed the tech sheet in full.


I see that there are approved tech centers on the website. The one that is local to me wants $100 plus whatever they charge for a brake fluid flush to sign off on the HPDE Tech form.


If you follow the tech sheet, can you be teched on-site at the track? Or can you self-tech? I've done this countless times for my motorcycles but it seems really confusing that there's a form, approved centers, some people self tech, but some people have posted about paying to tech at the track, etc.


Thanks and sorry for having to post this again, but I've been wanting to do this for 20+ years (in a car, lots of time on a bike) and it would be pretty much the worst day ever if I was turned away for my first day on track. Thanks!

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You need someone from the NE to answer since it can vary region to region......however in MA you can self tech the car then your instructor will do a quick "tech" which might only be asking a few questions.

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I actually called the director last night and he said it's self-tech. Still super confusing and really think the site needs some clarification, even if on a region-by-region basis!

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You can self-tech for HPDE and then you will get another tech inspection at the track on the day of the event.


If you have a race car then you can also self-tech, however you will have to pay $50 if you come to the track with a non-Techcenter tech sheet. If you are pre-teched at a Techcenter then you only pay $25 for the cage and annual at the track.


I'm 99% sure on this but not 100%



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