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Comp license eval - May


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Hi all,


I've registered for the comp license eval on the 21st May. If I want to run in HPDE 4 on the 20th as well, do I need to purchase a separate one day pass for the 20th or does the Comp eval payment include the 20th too?



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I'm pretty sure that if you pay for the comp license test for the 21st, then that just covers the comp license test on that day, so you'll have to pay for Saturday HPDE-4 also.


One other thing - the comp license is usually just one session with the instructor either riding in your car or possibly another car, so if you want to run the whole day on the 21st in HPDE-4, then I think you'll actually have to pay for that (HPDE-4) as well. Hopefully, they'll let you run the whole day on the 21st in HPDE-4 for just the comp license fee, but I believe that the comp license fee is additional. The best thing to do, would be to e-mail Scott Smith at [email protected] and find out for sure. - Jim

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