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Modify floor pan for seat

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My name is Wes. I'm new to the forum and new to racing. It' something I've wanted to get into for a while so I bought a race prepped 1984 nissan 200sx. It already has a six point cage, sparco sprint jr seat, and 5 point belts. The previous owner was taller (im 5'8'') than me so I am working on remounting the seat.


Its a bottom mount seat, fixed back with a back support to the cage.


I was working on fabbing a new mount for the seat to be closer to the pedals but also gain some clearance to the cage bar going over the driver door. If I continue with my seat mount, my helmet pretty much touches the SFI padding on the cage over the door.


>I need ideas as to how to drop the seat all the way on the floor. I dont see how the stock seat mounts are going to work anymore. The floor is also uneven, but I dont know what is okay to cut or deform since its a unibody car. Especially the crossmember to the front. <


Please advise. I was thinking of just getting extensions for the steering wheel and pedals and drop the seat down and back.


Pics to follow when I figure out how.


Thanks, Wes

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