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potential rule change 2018 - windshield banner (SI)


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Wanted to throw idea out for discussion.


Think SI cars would benefit from a windshield banner other than "American Iron".


As we continue to grow the class and race outside FL/SE region, believe other drivers do not understand the differences in HP between SI vs AI & AIX cars. SI cars are typically among the lower HP/Weight ratio cars in Thunder races. Accordingly, as SI cars can be mistakenly identified as an AI or AIX car (due to windshield banner), passing GT, ST or other cars with more favorable HP/Weight ratios can be made more challenging than necessary.


I get this is a "mole hill" not a "mountain" as it comes to class issues. But as the SI class grows and there are decent numbers in a race, it would be ideal for a lone GT car to know the 2-3 "American Iron" cars catching him/her each turn cannot simply blow by and allow that driver to strategically make way for "in-class" racing.



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I agree, Darren.


What I have done to my car over the years since everyone sees a Corvette in their mirror and instantly assumes it is an SU or ST1 car OR is racing against them in whatever ST class they are in, I have put a backwards ST3 or ST2 on my windshield in hopes of helping the slower driver see it in their mirror as they drag race me off a corner and down a straight. I then put the lettering back on their bumper under braking to remind them once again. It is unfortunately a recurring theme with people that have straight-line talent.

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