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1999 Ford Mustang Cobra HPDE/TT - $7,000

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I've decided maybe it's time to try something new, so I'm selling my Mustang. I've been running this with NASA for the past 9 years or so, so miles are mostly highway to/from the track and on track. Mileage on the odometer is pushing 173,000 miles (see picture), but the motor was rebuilt shortly after I bought the car 9 years ago at ~98,000 miles. The car has been extremely reliable, actually more so than my daily driver Miata - the only issue is that there is a little smoke on a cold start, which I would guess is due to the valve guides leaking by a little bit when the motor is off. The log book is current, I did run the car at Gateway with Central this year so it will need an annual sticker (inspection was done but the region was waiting on delivery of the decals). All four wheel bearings were replaced after Gateway, so they only have a few days of street use on them. A short list of what is non-stock on this car:


T56 Transmission swapped in for the factory T45

Short throw shifter for the T56 (both a shift kit and a shorter arm)

Front coilovers with 350# 9" springs

Front tubular A-arms

Poly differential mount

Poly motor mounts

Aluminum 2-row radiator


Spare parts/extra parts:

Hawk DTC-70 front pads (2 sets, one only used one weekend, the other maybe has a day left on it)

Hawk DTC-60 rear pads (only used one weekend)

Hawk DTC-70 rear pads (used a couple times, plenty of life left)

Hawk Blue rear pads (kind of old, but could probably last a weekend especially with DTC-70s up front)

Extra brake hardware pieces

Original radiator (no leaks, just not enough cooling for a Cobra on track)

Original control arms, shocks, and springs - new bushings for the control arms included but would need to be installed

Set of 4 17x9 FR500 reproduction rims with 275/40/17 R-comps on them (BFGs on 2 and and Hoosiers on the other 2, but probably not much life left). One wheel has a bend on the lip thanks to Turn 7 at Texas World Speedway in 2012 but I've had no problems with it since.

If you want the original T45 and driveshaft, I'll include it. If I can find the matching differential pinion flange I will throw that in too.

I had planned on putting in Delrin bushings in the IRS subframe mounts and control arms but never got around to it. Subframe bushings and upper and lower control arm bushings are included.


Asking $7,000. The car is located near St. Louis.
















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I replaced the rear bumper this week, and pictures have been updated.

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