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Turbocharged 500HP Rubaru Radical Racecar

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This Racecar has it all! All new components, reliable engine, spares and a winning pedigree! If you are looking to compete in local, regional or National racing events this is the car that can take you to victory lane!


This car was originally built in 2006 as a SR3 Radical with the high downforce kit. We purchased the car in 2011 with the intention of taking a great platform and improve the car's reliability and performance.


As we brainstormed ideas for a new powertrain. There were space considerations, of course. The Radical SR3 engine compartment has only so much room. There was a budget and horsepower targets and the goal to win a NASA National Championship with the car. With the help of Kent Porter at Precision Chassis Works, who had just done a rebuild of a Porsche Boxster using a turbocharged Subaru engine. That was the recipe we schemed up, an engine out of a Subaru STi and the manual gearbox from a Porsche Boxster.


After we measured everything, determined it would fit, we had Kent get to work. The engine fits in the space, but Precision Chassis needed to alter the frame to make room for the turbo and severely change the way the cross bracing was done at the rear to accommodate the Porsche transaxle, a G86-20 six speed. We also reinforced the chassis to account for the additional horsepower and torque, but left the factory suspension alone. The brakes were sourced from an SR8. The only thing we did to the motor was upgrade the fuel injectors and turn the boost up. Precision Chassis also added a larger Garrett intercooler. We use axles that are off Porsche Cup Cars that are rated for 800 horsepower. The larger-than-stock intercooler fits atop the engine in the stock location, yet still allows the factory bodywork to fit in place.


After all of these modifications and upgrades we happily dubbed the car a Rubaru!


We ran the car for 14 months, and the engine has not had one problem at all. It only weighs 1,600 pounds, so it doesn’t put much strain on the motor. In that time, the 2012 & 2013 seasons the car is broke 4 NASA-AZ track records that still stand today. We won the Arizona Region title both years and finished 4th and 2nd at the NASA National Championships in 2012 and 2013 respectively.


The engine is currently tuned to make 350 HP at the wheels but can easily be bumped up to 500HP.


After the completion of the 2013 Season we stripped the car down again and replaced every single replaceable component on the chassis. No expense was spared on the rebuild and the car was just taken for a short but successful shakedown test after the latest rebuild. Car is 100% track ready. Over $100,000 invested in the car.


Car was featured in SpeedNews Magazine October 2013 (Pages 68-73). Contact me and I will send you link to PDF file.



1 set of wheels with new set of Dunlop rain tires mounted

1 set of used Hoosier R75 tires



Year: 2006

Make: Radical

Model: SR3; (Subaru/Radical) Rubaru

Weight: 1600lbs

Engine: 2.0L Spec C Subaru STi boxer four-cylinder, 350 horsepower

Suspension: Triple Adjustable Intrax

Tires: Dunlop slicks

Brakes : Radical 4 Piston Calipers

Front: x 280 mm / x 11.0 in

Rear: x 280 mm / x 11.0 in

Data system: Racepak IQ3 Dash


For more information please contact


Robert Rose





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