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Seat/Harness/Hans/Roll bar

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Hey guys. I know this has probably been done to death, but the only threads I can find by searching seem to be very old.


I want to upgrade the car in terms of safety, but because it gets driven on the street to and from the track I need to compromise (ie. not full cage).


I want to know if I can, or should, run a 4 point rollbar (like autopower), 5 or 6 pt belts, fixed back racing seats and then get a HANS.


Is this ok in the NE Region for an HPDE car?

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Not part of the NE, but I can't see an issue. Props for doing it all, and (IMHO) the right way.


My only caution is be mindful of how close your head is to the bar. On the street with no helmet, contact with that bar could cause a serious headache. Also, check local vehicle laws. Some states don't see a race harness as a legal seatbelt. Not DOT compliant.

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