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ST4/TT4 "OEM Body Type 4-door Sedan or 5 door wagon"

John E

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Can anyone explain this modifier? Why do these cars get a +0.2? With the limited modifiers, this one doesn't seam that important to overall performance. There are plenty of performance cars out that are 4 or 5 doors. What inherent handicap do they have?

I can see that they are typically heavier....but that's handled my other means in the ST/TT# classes.

I have heard people argue they are not as stiff, but I can't see that mattering in a full prep car. Seriously competitive cars are likely going to be caged, solving the stiffness issue. Also, most cars built in the last 20 years are soooo much stiffer than the old stuff, the net handicap is insignificant. Some 4/5-doors are actually stiffer.


Other reasons? (other than because you have a 4/5 door



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It might be aero or height / CG related. With BMWs, the sedan is sometimes taller and/or narrower.


However, sedan can be just as stiff or stiffer than a coupe due to better b pillar placement.


But there's at least one EVO out there killing everyone and setting track records like it's its job. Sedan allowance certainly helps...

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This rule is absolutely ridiculous, as is a full 1.0 for FWD. The RS3 LMS is a GLARING example... a fully legal ST3 car on DOTs that is faster than most ST1 cars. Complete garbage rule. Something really stinks here.

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Wow, not a lot of conversation in this forum lately...


It's an ancient rule that has been around for the 10-ish years that I have been involved.


As I was told, it's there for aero differences between 2 and 4 door versions of the same car.


I absolutely disagree with it as well, as there are plenty of cars with 2 and 4 door versions that have identical silhouettes. In these cases, the 4 door versions get the +0.2 for free.


I have heard unofficial rumblings of the 4 door credit possibly going away, and the FWD credit possibly being reduced. All rumors and nothing official, though.


In any case, in the "slower" (numerically higher) classes, the HP related to an 0.2 ratio swing isn't much. Drive that thing in there harder than the 4-door guy does.



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What I was told that made sense was also chassis rigidity. The two door guy has a fully attached panel where the 4 door guy has a gaping hole that flexes quite a bit. Fixable in either case, but out of the box for a non-caged car there isn't a lot of us that would choose the 4 door as the faster car. Now a days thankfully more and more TT guys are caging.

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