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NCCAR weekend


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Firstly, I've heard it's a pretty clean facility with lots of power? Secondly, in theory, if we supersize TT we could get all 5 racer qualifiers in one weekend if you do 2 races a day like the email said?

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TT is days, not races:


5 points paying races (or competing at 3 weekends)

Up to 2 TT points days count toward the 5 races

Enduro of any length counts as 2 races


Since only the 1 fastest TT trap counts for that day, makes sense. Confirmed with a couple of other Dir's and you likely read it in Jim's email too. Normally in a weekend like this only the last race of the day pays points with the first one being sorta a "qualifying" race kinda like it is at the beginning of nationals right. Waiting to see what Jim's got in mind.


If push comes to shove maybe we can do a 'fun race' at Roebling friday, where everyone gets a 'finishing point' that's low enough to not make a dent in the regional standings but clever enough to count as a "points paying race".

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