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2012 Radical SR3 RS

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Radical SR3 RS chassis #547, white with orange/gray highlights, 6-speed sequential dog box transmission. At 1250 lbs wet, the Radical SR3 provides 6 lbs/hp and serious grip and braking capability. It just received servicing and is ready for the track. This race car comes with:


- Pneumatic paddle-activated gear shift with auto-blipper

- High downforce front and rear aero components

- Dry sump system

- Fully integrated LIFE ECU

- Extra set of wheels and tires

- Upgraded 280mm rotors and brakes

- Forward-facing stay head protectors

- Electrically-activated Zero 360 Fire extinguisher system

- Certified roll cage and 6-point harnesses for driver and passenger

- Dual foot controls

- LeMans carbon-composite rear view mirrors

- Fresh oil and transmisison fluid

- Fresh spark plugs and battery


Chassis 547 just arrived off the boat from the UK and was used for corporate track days at Castle Combe. It is unique in that it was also registered for street use in the UK. Buyer will receive vintage UK license plate with car. This is still a purpose-built race car; it is strictly for track use and cannot be registered in the US for use on the road. More pics available upon request. Car is located in Denver, CO.


$500 Finders fee: Refer someone to me who buys this Radical and Ill give you $500 once delivery is made.


Asking $55,000.


Thanks for looking!








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Price on this car reduced to $49k.

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