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MoTeC’s Advanced Dash Logger (ADL2) is a combined display, fully programmable data logger and powerful control device, all in one lightweight unit. It is a flexible, professional level system that is designed to grow with you as your requirements increase. As standard, the ADL2 comes with 8 MB of data logging, which can be upgraded to 16 MB at any time.


The ADL2’s screen layout is fully configurable to display a multitude of data channels, warning alarms, lap times, fuel calculations, minimum corner speeds, maximum straight speeds and more.


Four auxiliary outputs can be used to control external devices with additional outputs available as an upgrade or created by using expander modules.


MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software provides all the tools for comprehensive analysis of logged data, and a telemetry option is available IN real time.


With this Motec you can set out a track beacon and map your runs. Once you have this information you can overlay your map on a faster drivers map and see where you’re giving up time on entering and exiting turns. Gain 1 second a lap and see how that improves your overall time.


Visit MoTec for wiring harnesses and additional components.




For additional, you can search MoTec ADL2 online for a PDF version of the owner’s manual.


The freight charge is for the Continental United States only all others please provide your postal code for a freight quote.

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