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2nd Track Car Decision

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Hi Everyone,


I am extremely interested in TT4 then TT3 and so on. I have done 2 HPDE and 5 track days with various organizations throughout socal along with 4-5 autocrosses. This was all in a Miata NB, which I loved, but at 6'2 it isn't really a car I want to continue to put time/money into.


My budget is 10k (initially) so I want to buy a car ~6k and spend the rest on safety/suspension/tires. This needs to be a car I can drive to the track.


Currently I am considering:



e46 330ci

02-05 wrx

g35 coupe


Can anyone here shed some light on these cars, their recommendations/personal experiences, etc.?


Thank you in advance!

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You'll have an easier time with modifications with an E46 3-Series or 350z. However, first I would take a trip to one of your local NASA events. See what TT classes are competitive and figure out with your budget, which class you can fit in which has a decent showing. The worst thing you can do is get a car, then get in a class that has low participation in your region.

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I'm 6'5" and fit in my caged NA Miata just fine. You just need to get the proper seat setup with a 330mm steering wheel placed at the correct depth.

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Watch out for the 100 lb hit:



Mazda Miata Driver Seat Floor Pan


Appendix A—Technical Bulletins for Specific Models/Items


Mazda Miata (’90-’05)–TTB-TTF:

The driver’s side floor pan may be modified to accommodate larger/taller drivers. All modification shall be contained between the transmission tunnel, driver’s side rocker, rear bulkhead and no more than 24” forward of rear bulkhead. The modification shall not extend below the factory floor stiffener/frame rail. The steel used in the modification shall be no thinner than .060”. All modifications shall be welded in place. This modification shall serve no other purpose other than seating position.

The assessment for having this modification will be an additional 100 lbs of weight added to the vehicle’s base weight (or 100 lbs added to a Dyno Re-class if the vehicle is using a Dyno Re-class instead of the base classing table).

(note for TT1-TT3, this modification would necessitate the Non-Production Vehicle Modification Factor)




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