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Anyone video my off at Unkefer Memorial, Sunday TT session 2

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Black ITR 438X TTD.


Was going up the esses and the exit of the esses was a LOT greasier than the rest of the track for me... I came to the right (before the left toward oak tree), scrubbed speed, and drove almost straight off... then came back on w/ no issues on the car and a DQ for the session. My phone laptimer video caught it, but hoping someone behind me (if any) caught it...


Be safe out there, guys...

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no video, but that area was getting a lot of people that weekend. I know of at least three others! I went off there late in the day sunday--just going too fast. I literally cleaned an entire drywall bucket worth of VIR's grass out of my front bumper that had become caught behind the bumper between splitter, radiator, and bumper......my splitter was like a knife cutting all of the grass as i went down the hill at 120+......there was also a piece of someone's car I found jammed in there. Very strange. it must have been sitting on top of the grass and i hit it at just the right angle...finders keepers






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