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Integra with B18C JDM swap. H1 only?


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So i have a 96 integra with a JDM B18C sir/gsr engine swapped in and im considering building it up for HC. Looking throught the rules and classes it looks like it can only run in H1? It's the only listing that shows a (B18C) not c1 or c5, just B18C. Is this correct?

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The Announcement section of this forum has a post for rules, and looking at section 5.1 of https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/4334/HCRulesV19_2017.2.pdf the H2 section includes B18C5 (US or JDM) 100% OEM, max compression ratio 11.6:1, min weight 2500, so says B18C5, but then says US or JDM. My understanding is that the US engine model is B18C5 while the JDM version is a B18C, so I'm assuming that the B18C can be run in H2 as long as it meets the rest of the requirements. - Jim

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