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FS: Pirelli DH tires 305/660/18


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For sale:

All are Pirelli DH 305/660/18s produced in the past 8 months.

4x 4 heatcycle $110 each

8x 5 heatcycle $100 each

4x 9 heatcycle $75 each. This set has more heatcycles but just as much tread depth as the 4 heatcycle. These were used more gently.



All are in good condition inspected for any major camber wear, bead distortion or contusions. All are between 3-4/32nd.


Pictures of each available tire are available if you are interested but they all look like this (and measured for tread depth to verify camber wear and longevity for the next user.


Located in Sterling, VA


For reference purposes:

Size 305/660/18

Rim 10.0-11.0

Section Width 11.69

Tread Width 11.22

Diameter 26.30




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