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FS (VA/PA/FL) Trailex open trailer accessories

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These came off a Trailex CT-7541.


All are in excellent condition.


Located in Northern VA (Fairfax/Fair Oaks).


I travel regularly to SW PA (Murrysville) and will be making a trip to Central FL (Clermont) sometime in Oct-Nov. Willing to bring along to those areas. Either case would be a prepaid no-refund deal because I'm not hauling it back to VA again.


My prices below are firm.


  1. Tire rack plus compression plate kit
    Price new: $723 + shipping
    My price $650
    I suspect you would need some parts to fit this to a Trailex model other than the 7541 - check with trailex.
  2. Locking storage box and mounting kit
    Price new: $486 + $43 shipping
    My price $450
  3. Locking storage box and mounting kit
    Another of the same item above
  4. Trailer dolly
    Price new: $332 + $19 shipping
    My price $280









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