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Head and neck restraint. Simpson Hybrid S ????


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This is probably not the best place to ask about this but I did not see a forum for instructors.


Background: I've been instructing for about 18 months and I run a pretty much stock 2007 350z in DE4, might do TT someday. I'm having a roll bar installed later this month, installing a race seat and 6 point harness.


I am also going to get a head and neck restraint. Was ready to pull the trigger on a NecksGen for various reasons but as an instructor half of my track time will be in student's cars, typically with factory belts.


I was aware of the Simpson R-3 which will work with OEM 3 point belts. But, it has a big hump on the back and costs twice what a basic HANS cost. The hump would be a real problem in my car. I'm tall and can't afford to be pushed forward in the seat. Then I saw the Simpson Hybrid S. It also has a large structure that goes down the back but it does not look as large or uncomfortable. It is also about $1100.


So I'm wondering if any of you has experience with the Hybrid S? Is it comfortable in your own car? The student's car? Does it push you forward in the seat?


Wondering if it is worth the money or if a standard HANS or NecksGen for in my car only is a better option. I would be getting half the safety benefit since I couldn't wear it in the student's car but a lot safer than no head and neck restraint at all. Thanks



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Take a look at the Simpson Hybrid, it might work for you as there isn't a big hump in the back, very comfortable. I used it a year before installing race seats. Give Craig Friesinger at US Race Gear a call (he was a NASA events vendor for years), he has good knowledge of the products he sells and what works best based on certain needs.


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Thanks for the reply. I ended up buying a NecksGen Rev 2 Lite (for a number of reasons). It is very comfortable and easy to use. Of course, no benefit to me in a student car with OEM belts. Funny thing is at VIR this weekend, my student was in an old Nissan Sentra spec car with a cage and harnesses so I was able to use it the whole weekend. That won't be the norm of course.

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