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Rule Proposal : remove displacement limits per class


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I fail to understand the benefits of limiting displacement in weight to power classing.

The primary result is shoving out older (i.e. less efficient) cars from classes.


For example, I have an E34 540i that is legal for BMW CCA, ChumpCar, AER, WRL, etc. It is classed reasonably everywhere else. It is currently running the automatic 5 speed. Dyno was a healthy 230 whp. At around 3500 lb, it would make a fun (but not overly competitive) GTS2 car. Under the current ruleset, it is GTS4 based solely on displacement. If I were to swap in the donor motor/transmission from the newer E39 540 as is currently planned, I would make about the same power, gain a little torque, and move to a slightly lighter automatic transmission. This would bump me to GTS5, not because of the power, but because of the displacement of the new motor at 4.4L.

We have essentially banned all old big six powered cars from GTS. E28 535 would make a fun GTS2 car, but at 3.5 L, it is a GTS3 car by displacement instead of power. E12 530i would be a reasonable GTS1 car, but at 3L of displacement, it is GTS2.


If the rules are weight and power, then they should be weight and power. Limiting displacement now artificially destroys the eligibility of many cars, and will turn into needing to limit technology later. A 1.25 displacement multiplier won't work (based on your perceived intentions with the rule) when a GDI turbo 2L (classed as a 2.5L) will easily make 400+ whp all day long, even if it works for some cars now. Controlling a class based on power should be done via power.


Michael McCoy, GTS2/4/5, southeast

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1. The proposed addition or change.

2. The reason behind the proposal

3. Any documentation supporting the request

4. Proposals to be submitted and signed by GTS members to be considered. (indicate Class and Region, please).

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I am with you, friend. I also have an E34 in the southeast, although mine is of the long roof variety. In fact, I bought it specifically for GTS five years ago. By the time I got it ready for the track (father, husband, work, etc), GTS imposed the change.


Although it is still rocking the 2.5L with a five speed swap, the donor stock 4L M60 is in the garage with a selection of transmissions and differentials that I bought years ago. I will not jump through hoops to beg to join the party. I propose an E34 class for SE!



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