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Rule Proposal : remove the calculator and use weight/power


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The cars are generally built by individuals. Everyone hopefully now understands that total power matters.

Instead of making the custom dyno tuning (or detuning) so tedious running the graph through the calculator over and over and comparing to the baseline calculations on performance given the graph, and trying to optimize that overcomplicated mess, I would love to see things go back to basics. Things that are easily enforced at the track.


If we do vehicle weight vs peak power, the compliance is much easier. The compliance tool also has a much easier time determining the actual value. (we are looking for a datum that matches the declared, and we know gearing, tire size, and can calculate drag, rolling resistance, etc.)


If people want to tune, detune, flatten the powerband, make it peaky, throw away mid range, whatever, that should be up to them to optimize however they like. If someone chooses poorly in how to "optimize" the system, that should not be part of the rules to try to assist them in being more competitive.


Michael McCoy, GTS2/4/5, southeast

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