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D Algozine

Need advice on selling SM

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D Algozine

I typically am not a fan of ,"give me your opinion on the sale of my car", but I'm not savvy in the SM world.

Short story , I'm looking to sell a 1991 SM.

All my experience and knowledge is with big heavy , V8 muscle cars, American Iron and Camaro Mustang Challenge .


I don't have a complete list of parts and mods that have been completed on the car and I don't know the difference between a good and bad choice, or set up, regarding SM's. As I understand the history, several years ago, it was a fast car, and won a lot of races. I know the original owner and I personally witnessed a lot of his success in the this car. However, I've discovered that resent rule changes and approved mods may have this car lacking the latest and greatest widget's. Don't know how significant that is.


Here's what I have



Looking for opinions and constructive critique of how to better market the car, and if the price is realistic? There seems to be a very wide range of list prices out there for SM's . Although, I feel its priced at the lower end. I've had nothing more then tire kickers.



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