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Thinking of joining NASA for an event.


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I apologize in advance if this has been covered before. I searched but couldn't find any information.

I have a toy car I've been building for a couple years and finally have the opportunity to take it to the track.

I have a couple questions to ask before I fully commit. I don't want to make it down there just to be turned away and lose all my money and the weekend. Car is a late model civic w/ a swapped motor and several engine & suspension modifications.


1) My wife is interested in driving at an HPDE event with me. I see you can register with a spouse for a yearly membership. will it be ok for both of us to drive the same car at an event? obviously not at the same time, given an instructor will be riding shotgun with each of us.


2) the battery (optima yellowtop) has been relocated to the trunk and is secured and tied down well, but is not in a sealed box. will this pass tech?


3)car has several modifications, but interior is untouched. will factory seatbelts be ok?


4) This will be our first event and know pretty much nothing about how NASA and HPDE events work. Is there anything in particular that we should be aware about before arriving?


Thanks to everyone in advance for your response and we hope to get out there soon and have some fun.

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