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Stop using JPSS, Pete is fixing to tank again.

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Everyone always wants a badass Christmas Gift. So I am presenting everyone who is thinking about doing business with JPSS or Peter Basica the ultimate Christmas Present.


For the last 30 years or so, Pete has been floating around different car scenes. He pops in, promises everything he can, takes your money, sometimes your car, hacks it up and blames everyone else. Stealing and defrauding countless car people over the years now is the time to put it all together in a nice package.


Most people want recent history, so let’s talk about Pedders. Pete was the sole pivot man and used his words and wisdom to become the sole distributor and person in the US. After stealing over $1.2 million dollars from Pedders, Pedders forced Pete into Involuntary Bankruptcy, solely for the fact of reclaiming some of their money from his insurance, sadly, his policy didn’t cover that much.


Around this time he decided to try and play in the Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street car, in which he hacked up and destroyed every car that came into his shop. There’s a reason he doesn’t go to Optima events, it’s because he isn’t welcome at them anymore.


Now he is being sued by TAW or Trans Am Worldwide for $700,000. I have attached both the forced bankruptcy and the current lawsuit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he packed up his house and disappeared and moved overnight again.


People need to be aware that Pete is a con man and JPSS will be closed down. JPSS will close, but like every few years, Pete will be back with a new name, and will stroke the emotions of admins to get any negative posts removed. Feel free to scroll through the pictures and the links.






I can't post up PDF's on here, feel free to follow this thread on LS1tech here https://ls1tech.com/forums/racer-s-lounge/1888249-jpss-going-under-again.html


Supporting documents are there. NASA needs to be aware, since he has been banned from running the optima events he is trying to move onto your turf.

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