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FS: TT3/4 Track Prep'd 04 Z06 - also for rent


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FS: TT3/TT4 Track Prepped Machine Silver '04 C5Z06. $11,750


Good, bad, and the ugly.


Good: solid/straight, 1 owner 29k car/chassis. Probably as fast as you'll go in DE/TT for the $$. Prep'd by "C5 Mafia", i.e., the guys that know how to make a "stock" C5 go about as fast as they can go. Great/cheap car to move up into if you have ran slower cars and don't have $25-30k to spend on a really fast C5. Car is in a condition that you could put back to street/stock, leave as is, or put a cage in it for safety or ST3/4 w2w. Parts have been removed, but nothing has been cut or skinned that it couldn't be put back. Has a trailer hitch for hauling your tools/tires if you want to drive it to the track. Have not run it on track yet in it's current state, but based on previous various builds, its a 1:35 car at Road Atlanta. Likely a 1:34 car with 315 stickers and in TT "kill mode". Car is being put back together the moment, so there is flexibility in upgrades/modifications for little or no extra labor during the next couple of weeks. Very, very light weight.


Bad: None of these are "bad", but basically listing out the things that make the car priced fairly low. Has a take out good running LS1 instead of an LS6. For running TT3/4, this is a non issue as the LS1 will still need to be de-tuned to fit in either class, as the car is extremely light. AC is removed. Headlights are removed, has the lightweight headlight delete brackets with the stock lids. Saves 18 lbs on the nose. Most of the interior is removed at the moment (door glass, panels, carpet) although I have virtually all of the parts to put it back if you want a "street/track car" vs just a "track/race" car.


Ugly: Front fascia has some war wounds on the sides, nothing major but it isn't going to win a car show. The door mirrors are a light gray (vs) '04 machine silver. Rear fascia is 01-03 Quicksilver vs '04 Machine silver, so slightly different shade of silver. None of these are major issues for a track rat car, unless you plan to enter car shows.


Modifications/state of the car


Front brake cooling ducts and spindle ducts

track pads/fresh fluid

ECU/wiring moved inside the car (vs behind the passenger wheel, as stock)

Oil cooler

Lightweight clutch (20 lbs lighter than stock) and aftermarket adjust clutch master cylinder

Pfadt poly bushings on all the control arms

Kirky Racing Seat w/ 5 pt harness

harness bar

utility Trailer hitch

4 - 17x9.5" wheels

car will come with a current dyno sheet

have ability to tune it/ballast it for the TT class of your liking

ZR1 front sway bar

C6Z06 rear sway bar

adjustable end links

locking camber kit

upper arm stud kit

car comes with full track alignment/set up and corner weighting

car set up tips and driver coaching is available to help get the most out of it


optional/extra parts


18x10 and 17x9 BBS wheels (1 set)

Fresh Hoosiers

exhaust modifications

Penske 3 way Coilovers

Traqmate and GoPro

HID headlights

extra brake parts

Dewitts Alum racing radiator

different trans/diff gearing

RPM Stage 4 Quaife differential


Car is located in Braselton, 4 miles from Road Atlanta. It's available for viewing.


If not sold before, this will be available for rental for DE/TT the March Road Atlanta event. email me to inquire about anything marknunnally at windstream dot net.


Will post up pictures soon.

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