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Greg G.

2018 PT Rules posted

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Greg G.

The 2018 NASA Performance Touring Rules have been posted on the NASA Rules page, along with the PTD-F/TTD-F Car Classification Form, and the Excel based class calculator tool. There are not many changes to the rules, other than the deletion of PTC as a class, the allowance to reinforce suspension mounting locations (see exact rule for specifics), and the addition of a few more "street" tires. As in the past, the classing rules for TTD-TTF will mirror those of PTD-PTF, and they once again share a Car Classification Form.



PT/TT competitors should keep an eye out this year as to the progress of ST5 as a class, and they should be starting to make plans for the probable addition of ST6 next year as we move away from the PT vehicle model specific classing format. If the ST5/TT5 rules work out as planned, then all of PT/TT would transition to the ST format in '19. The current proposed limit of Adjusted Wt/HP for ST6/TT6 would be either 16.5:1 or 17:1 (using the ST5/TT5 format, but with some additional Aero restrictions and/or Mod Factors).

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