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FS: #518 944 Spec - Utah - $13k

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'86 Chassis, '88 Drivetrain - SP1, 944-Spec prepared

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah


Contact: Greg Troester - gregt1732[at]gmail.com


Sold w/o title (retubbed car in 2016) but have signed bill of sale from chassis owner.

This is an excellently-prepared race car. Turn-key and ready to go for the 2018 season with PCA, NASA, SCCA, or POC. I've built the car up from 2012 today, with many improvements (see list below). I'm selling the car after a successful 2017 season in order to move to a different platform. Please contact me for more background and to see the car.

Pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjVtLrdY5Lstlwa9jIUTcmWap3Vf



2016 – retubbed w/ fresh paint inside and out, Clear Bra on entire front of car (except bumper) – 1/4 of the way up the hood and fenders

2016 – New windshield w/ tear-offs (2 intact)

2016 – winner of IRPCA “Best Prepared Porsche” award

2017 – Fresh paint on both sides, quarter panels, and air dam

2017 – New OEM air dam

2017 – Lexan quarter windows installed – NASA Legal

Hood pins

Glass hatch does not leak!

Windshield wiper motor intact w/ wiring – includes OEM wiper controller



2012 – ’88 Motor, injection, electronics – rebuilt by Motorsport

1.5 full race seasons on the motor since built - 3-5 DE weekends on it prior to that

Cross-drilled crankshaft

Lindsey Racing oil pan baffle kit

951 Oil Filter Console & Cooler, ducted from fog light hole (tested this – saw 10-degree improvement over placing this in the bumper)

2.5” Exhaust from stock headers – straight-pipe to muffler

2018-legal ram-air intake w/ K&N filter

2013 – New Sachs clutch kit in 2014 – all components replaced

New flywheel

New T/O bearing, rear main seal, clutch fork bearings, slave cylinder

2013 – rebuilt transmission by RSR Motorsports

924S transmission, short 5th gear

Factory Limited Slip

Always run with Swepco fluid – shifts great!

2016 – Torque tube bearings replaced, balanced the torque tube rod - $500 in parts/labor, excluding what it takes to pull the tube itself (~30 hours to R&R, as you all know!)


Suspension / Brakes:

1988 Suspension setup – 944 Spec Legal

400# Front Springs, 30mm Rear Torsions

Koni Yellows front and rear

951 M030 Swaybars, rear is adjustable

2016 – NEW Porsche OEM A-Arms

2016 – New LF spindle

2016 – Corner balance and alignment setup work w/ Tatum Racing



Brake ducting to both fronts

Hawk DTC-60 Fronts

Hawk DTC-70 Rears

2017 - Cross-drilled rotors on the front (less than half a season on them)

Solid rotors on the rear


Safety / Interior:

1.5” Hanksville Hotrods weld-in cage

Nascar bars on driver’s side, straight bars passenger side

Painted with car in 2016

Helicopter-taped the bars to avoid scuffing paint, tearing suit on driver ingress-egress

Sparco Pro-Racer Hans XL seat w/ back brace & sliders

GForce camlock belts – Expire in 2020

Handheld fire extinguisher

Wired for CoolShirt

Radio harness included – need to buy your own base-station or handheld

Detachable steering wheel w/ PTT button (radio)

Dash lights wired

Kill Switch - Electronic solenoid-style - Kills all power w/ a low-voltage switch, saving battery from parasitic drain. Switches on interior and exterior

OEM Dashboard Added Oil Temp Gauge – space for two more aftermarket gauges if you’d like. Custom-fabricated aluminum gauge panel

Spares & Extras:

1 Extra set of 15” Phone Dials w/ a good set of practice Toyo RRs

’88 Engine – mostly complete – spun rod bearing in 2012, haven’t disassembled yet

A-Arms (left & right)

Awards & Accolades:

2017 NASA Utah Season Points – 3rd Place, mostly 2nd place finishes

2017 Utah 6-hour Enduro – 3rd Place – E3 Class

2016 – Best Prepared Porsche – Porsche Club of America, September race

Track records:

Spring Mountain “Mansell D” – Porsche Owners Club

Utah Motorsports Campus “West” – NASA Utah (knocked off by a few tenths this year)

Utah Motorsports Campus “Outer Loop” – Porsche Club of America

Pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjVtLrdY5Lstlwa9jIUTcmWap3Vf

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