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Track-Warrior Builds - RSRT & BYO

Ron Sutton

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Quick Contest !


First 3 people to accurately list what the 6 items are in the photo, get a free RSRT T-shirt.

* Shipped free anywhere in the 48 continental US states.

** Contest ends June 15th, or when we have 3 winners, which ever comes first.



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Car Year & Model: 70 Ford Mustang Fastback

Competing in: Track Car & Occasional NASA TTU races

Front Clip/Suspension: GT Track-Warrior

Rear Clip/Suspension: GT Track-Warrior

Engine: Track-Warrior 3 LS7 700 HP

Trans: PPG Sequential Shift T56 6-Speed

Brakes: StopTech 14” ST60/ST40

Owner: Greg Weld

Builder: Randy Chastain – One-Off Customs


More progess = more photos ! We're on track with this car for initial testing in 20 days !!!


Steel wheel tubs






Dash with Autometer Digital Dash system, including data acquisition.










Front end, hood & doors mock up for fitment

* Reminder: This 70 Fastback is widened 6". 3" per side. Greenhouse (Roof) is factory width.




















Tilt & Telescoping collapsible safety steering column.






Here are the StopTech Brakes optimized by Ron Sutton











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Car Year & Model: 70 Ford Mustang Fastback

Competing in: Track Car & Occasional NASA TTU races

Front Clip/Suspension: GT Track-Warrior

Rear Clip/Suspension: GT Track-Warrior

Engine: Track-Warrior 3 LS7 700 HP

Trans: PPG Sequential Shift T56 6-Speed

Brakes: StopTech 14” ST60/ST40

Owner: Greg Weld

Builder: Randy Chastain – One Off Customs


More updates & photos ...

Most of the stuff is straight out of our "Build-Your-Own Track-Car Catalog" HERE


The RSRT Track-Warrior 3 LS7 built by SDPC Race Shop - Details HERE






PPG Sequential T56 6-speed Trans, built by Joe Dederichs - Details HERE




QuarterMaster Optimum RR Clutch with 2 "Rally" Discs for easier take off - Details HERE




A shot today before Body was removed ... to get an idea of tire width & track width.

Wheels are 18x13 Forgeline GZ3R. 10" backspacing in front.

This is a "Zero Scrub" car. Turns like a mutha in the tight corners.








Good look at the wheels, Track-Star hubs & StopTech Trophy brakes Optimized by Ron Sutton




Front End mount photos






Door Hinges




With Body Removed to finish the door X-brace bars








Car is Super low to ground, as you can see.

In fairness, this fella is 6' 1" / Actual roof height is 47"





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Howdy everyone!


Our client Ron Ver Mulm installed one of our GT Decoupled 3-Links in his autocross car recently & used his GoPro to capture the first runs. After watching the video, it was easy for me to know the rebound valving & spring rate are spot on, but his application needs stiffer compression valving & a taller, softer & more progressive bump stop. He ran his fastest runs ever with our new GT Decoupled 3-Link, over his conventional 3-link. After we change the compression valving & bump stop, he'll most likely shave another .3-.4 off his lap times.


For those not in the know ... the decoupled 3-link is the highest grip, fastest rear suspension available period. The shock version won so many Trans Am races back in the day, they outlawed it. (You can run our TA version legally in Trans Am, which uses poly bushings & no shock.)


We utilize this "shock controlled" decoupled 3-Link rear suspension in all of our GT Track-Warrior cars featured in this thread.

* Greg Weld's 70 Mustang

* Mark Milliron's 69 Torino

* Scott Pomeroy's 68 Chevelle

* Robert Taylor's 47 REO Speedwagon Truck

* Many others


Got questions? Want one for your autocross or track car?

Contact Dave at 844-722-3832 Ext 3

Or email, [email protected]



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The Ron Sutton Total Car Building Workshop in Columbus is ONLY 2 WEEKS away.


Tickets available HERE


This workshop covers the Entire Car Build ... not just suspension. I'm going to show you how to build winning cars that work awesome from bumper to bumper ... car body, brakes, engine, trans, diff, aero & much more will be covered. More details in attached brochure pages.










For more information about the Workshops, contact Susan Kinnicutt

[email protected]

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Some of you may not have realized on our shake down day the car wasn't ready to race or run many laps because the interior tin wasn't sealed & the exhaust wasn't thermal barrier coated.


The cockpit needs to be fully sealed from the engine bay & fuel cell area. We use a 3M Fire Retardant Sealer good up to 2000°. The exhaust runs so close to the transmission, the gear oil would overheat in it if the exhaust was uncoated. So we Jet-Hot coat the inside & outside of the header tubes & exhaust. (Mufflers only on the outside) This knocks down the radiant heat around the transmission & driver by 40-45°.




The Mustang comes apart late this week to go to powder coat. In our Track-Warrior cars like Greg's ... the steel floor, firewall & bulkhead/rear deck sheet metal are welded to the chassis ... and get powder coated along with the chassis & cage assembly. When it goes back together for final assembly, Randy Chastain will utilize the 3M Fire Retardant Sealer on every seam under the car, at the firewall & at the rear bulkhead & decklid sheet metal. This prevents C0², smoke, oil, fire, etc from entering into the cockpit.


I'm outlining this important step, because many of you already have, or will, modify the sheet metal in your builds & NEED TO KNOW it's critical to seal it & what to use. It's NOT OK to leave any seam unsealed. It's unsafe.


The car will go back together later this month & get ready to go run the NASA event at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows California on Aug 4-5. Since the car wasn't built to fit a class, we will run it in the "Unlimited" class of NASA's Time Attack, known as TTU. Since it is an unlimited class, often there are Prototype race cars that run in TTU.




We won't stand a chance against any Prototype race cars, with our Trans Am style 70 Mustang. But if there are no Prototype race cars, we'll have a good shot at running up front. Our driver Benny Moon is super talented, but hasn't been in a real race car is many years, so he'll need to shake off the rust as we work up to speed.


I don't know how fast we'll get this first weekend. I plan to do only basic tuning for balance. But it would be fun to have a pool of folks betting on Benny's best lap of the weekend.


We have a betting pool ... similar to a football pool.

* 100 times between 1:50.0 & 1:59.9 lap time, a tenth of a second apart

* Pick one time or as many as your wallet can handle

* Closest time wins all the pool money & bragging rights

* Only 1 time, Best time of the weekend, counts


Pick your time(s) HERE

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Hi fellow NASA racers.... I'm the owner of the 70 Mustang "track warrior" build Ron Sutton Racing built for me.


This is a BUYER BEWARE post. Perhaps under the forum rules it might be posted in the wrong place IDK.


If you'd like to see the quality of his product and further discussion about what a terrible build this is -- please see a website I have frequented for a number of years... and also a YouTube video.


As one NASA official labeled the car - The One Lap Mustang.


Beginning of build thread here:




A thread started by Ron Sutton to attempt to minimize what the car turned out to be:




A couple of YouTube videos of the car on track - and the body fit and finish - SEPARATE VIDEOS --- can be found if you just search my name Greg Weld -- they'll come up. The Mustang is wrapped in bright yellow. Or here.


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On 6/4/2018 at 6:23 PM, Ron Sutton said:

Car Year & Model: 70 Ford Mustang Fastback

Competing in: Track Car & Occasional NASA TTU races

Front Clip/Suspension: GT Track-Warrior

Rear Clip/Suspension: GT Track-Warrior

Engine: Track-Warrior 3 LS7 700 HP

Trans: PPG Sequential Shift T56 6-Speed

Brakes: StopTech 14” ST60/ST40

Owner: Greg Weld

Builder: Randy Chastain – One Off Customs


This dyno sheet is Greg's engine. It is our "Track Warrior 3 LS7".


You can see a detailed list of all the internal components in our catalog HERE.


Three things should stand out ...

1. The build components are almost overkill for "only" 700hp. That's to increase longevity.

2. The ARE dry sump is simply the best dry sump & best protection for the engine in a car with high G's.

3. The power curve is relatively "linear" which makes these engines easier to drive fast.


A few other notes:

A. The "dead on" dyno at Scoggin-Dickey shows 707hp. It will make 8-11 more horsepower once we we change the oil from Driven BR break-in Oil to Driven LS oil.

B. We did NOT dyno the engine with step headers [url=https://www.energie-green.com/]isolation combles 1€[/url]. If we did the top end power would be the same, but the power band from 2500 to 6000 would show higher & even flatter.

C. Greg's headers are the RSRT "tuned" Step Headers ... 1-3/4" to 1-7/8" to 2.0" and will have that additional power from 2500 to 6000 & be even more linear.

D. This same engine with the very basic, single stage GM OEM LS7 dry sump makes about 15 less HP.

E. The happy window power curve on this particular Track-Warrior engine is 2500-7500rpm on track.


The Front end, hood & doors mount this week. Powertrain next week. Still on track to track test June 28th.

Above all, these are all the cars that I love and there are a few that marked me during this race.


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