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HPDE Tires - '15 Challenger SRT 392


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Hey all,


Looking forward to joining you all for my first of what I hope will be many HPDE events.


I'm having a heck of a time choosing what tire to purchase for track/autocross days. I will be buying a Leroy Engineering trailer with equipment so I can swap them out at the track - so they can be dedicated competition tires.


The problem is the SRT 392's huge tires (courtesy of the huge Brembo brakes and discs) there seem to be no actual competition tires available: 275/40-20


This seems to limit me to the following. Curious people's thoughts and recommendations:


  1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  2. Pirelli P Zero
  3. Dunlap SP Sport MAXX GT DSST (seriously, that's a name?)
  4. Yokohama Advan Sport
  5. Pirelli P Zero Rosso
  6. Continental ExtremeContact Sport
  7. Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06
  8. Nitto NT05
  9. Nitto Invo


I appreciate all the feedback!!!!




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I started HPDE in an SRT8 Charger with 20in wheels and know your pain......since you're just starting out, USE STREET TIRES! Yes, you will wear them out faster but you will learn faster this way. Street tires "talk" to you while race tires have tons of grip........until they suddenly have NONE (the first sign of this typically happens when going hard into a corner but the car goes straight). Besides, what's the difference in buying 2 sets of tires now vs 2 sets less quickly back-to-back.



Now, 18in Mustang wheels will fit the lugs if you bore out the center hub a little. I ended up buying a set someone had already modified and it worked great. I later bought a 96 mustang race car and the wheels fit on that too.

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On 3/6/2018 at 1:25 PM, Jarhead_SGT said:
  • Yokohama Advan Sport

I am in a much smaller car, FWD Acura, but I have run these on track. Personally I loved them in the summer. Other drivers noticed I was sliding a tad more and fighting a hair of understeer, but I didn't spin out on them and yes, they will talk to you very well. I was extremely pleased. However, a few months later I went out in the rain and did not have confidence in the car. That said, I was an amateur in the rain, didn't have good tire pressures, and was learning the wet line.

And if it means anything, I think some heavier cars like Bentley come from factory with these tires. Go a little wider than stock if you can fit wider on your wheels, especially rear I know Challengers can fight for traction sometimes.

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