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FR-S/BRZ/86 Dog Box Transmission

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For Sale: 6-Speed Dog Box Transmission in the OEM case for FR-S/BRZ/86.


$6,500 OBO


This is a custom 6-speed Dog Engagement transmission that was designed specifically for the OEM transmission case of the FR-S/BRZ. This is a plug and play transmission. Take your old one out and put this one in.


I AM SUPPLYING THIS AS A COMPLETE BUILT TRANSMISSION. Again, I am selling a COMPLETE transmission, not just the gear set.


Gear Ratios:

1st: 2.98

2nd: 1.85

3rd: 1.51

4th: 1.22

5th: 1.00

6th: 0.84


For reference, the stock ratios are: 3.626, 2.188, 1.541, 1.213, 1.00, 0.767


For a boosted application, this gear set will be especially well-suited. It is very strong and designed for harsh racing applications. It was designed for 300 ft-lbs torque rating.


Note: This is a DOG engagement gear set. You do not need to use the clutch, except for starting in 1st gear. Gear changes are very quick and you must be deliberate. You can absolutely use the clutch, if you'd like. In fact, I used the clutch for almost every shift with this gearset.


Again, this gear set is installed in a stock OEM case. You do not need anything special for installation. It is a direct swap with the OEM gearbox.


This gear set was manufactured by GRAF. They specialize mostly in racing transmissions for Rally racing.





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