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Data Coverage @ NASA-SE Tracks


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Hello all, would like some feedback on cell and data coverage from other carriers at the NASA races we go to. We have had Verizon for many years and they cover the NASA tracks wonderfully with near 100% voice and data. Looking at other options, CMP/Roebling being the most rural, for voice and data service options.


Verizon voice and data from the past 2 years from our normal vendor area:

Roebling Road: ~95% coverage

Road Atlanta: 100% coverage

CMP: 95% coverage

Charlotte: 100% coverage


Thanks everyone and what ever happened to this - http://nasaforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=22061

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Good question, that was one of the funniest threads ever!


I'm on Verizon and my coverage is close to yours. CMP and RRR have slow download speeds when navigating web pages but phone, email and text are all good.

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CMP - almost no cell/data service with previous T-Mobile or current Sprint. In certain areas I can pick up track wifi.

RR - Been awhile, but I think T-Mo was pretty weak there too.

CLT - Very good with T-Mo.

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