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TT gray area: 91 Miata with 1.8 swap

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I have been combing over the rules and I am having a hard time figuring out how to class this car. I have been treating it as if it were a 94 and classing from there, but I am not sure that is correct. Am I stuck getting a dyno run and a weight for my base class?


Thanks for the help guys.



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Greg G.


1) Engine swap: All engine swaps must be evaluated for new base classification by

the National PT Director on an individual basis. Competitors must submit an e- mail request for re-classification of the vehicle. A printed copy of the Official

Re-Class e-mail from the National PT Director must be attached to the PT Car Classification Form. Almost all engine swaps will require chassis Dyno testing of the competition- ready vehicle (See section 6.4 for Dyno Re-classing, Testing, and Re-class request procedures)."


Yes, needs a Dyno Re-class.

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