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Looking to get into racing. Where should I start?

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Hello all!


I am trying to get into racing and think that NASA is the way to do it. I am 16 with a valid Texas drivers license, but no full track experience, though I have a few years of karting under my belt. I see that I have to do 4 HPDEs and complete the racing school to get the license, but I'm not sure where I should go from there or if there is another route for me. I am a little underfunded considering my age, so buying a car and specing it is a few years out, but I still want to go out and have fun, and win, of course. I recognize that I am probably not the best candidate for this kind of start, but I really only need one chance to prove my worth to a team.


Honestly, right now I'm kinda just looking for a ride along this season, maybe at the COTA race in early May, just to see what it's like to work with a team and maybe hit the track once or twice.


If anyone has any suggestions as to how I should get started, maybe as a test or guest driver for a race please let me know because I would really like to start my racing career in the right direction.




PS: I live in the Texas region, so preferably a team or car from that area.

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Racing is pay to play even for the pros. Either have plenty of money or find a sponsor or preferably both.


Cheapest way to get your license is to use your daily driver or rent a car to get through licensing school But it's not like just because you have a license anyone is going to let you drive their car. Maybe if you offer to work for someone in exchange for some practice track time.


While you are still in school and don't have parents to provide the funds you could try to get a job with a race shop to learn how to wrench on cars and work at the track. You might be able to advertise that you are looking to work for someone at the track. There aren't many that pay for a mechanic at the track but having someone to get the car up in the air, tires off, and learn the rest of the normal race day prep is worth something.


Go to the track and talk to people about what you are looking to do.

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