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Pre 74 suspension mods Q


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When I read the 2018 AI rules from here: https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/175/2018_ai_official_rules.pdf


I am considering a pre 1974 build for American Iron. Based on my read of the rules it looks like for the front I can safely replace the K member for which the one I'm considering would replace upper and lower control arm pick up points and upper shock mounting point. The parallel frame rails would be left in place.


For the rear, can I swap out leaf springs to a torque arm and coil over setup? The rear frame rails would not be notched.


The relevant sections of the rules seem to be:


7.3 g)

The floorpan may be modified for the purpose of facilitating the installation of a three-link type

suspension. Such modification is limited to the minimum amount of material removed to allow

clearance for the "third link". The 'third link' can be a single upper control arm connected on both

ends, a single torque arm connected on both ends, or two decoupled links that serve the purpose of a

single coupled link. ie a decoupled torque arm or decoupled three link. All components that intrude

into the cockpit must be covered.


Torque arm would not require removing any floor pan but would have components that bolt through the floor pan.



Shock Towers- vehicles must have OEM front and rear shock towers in the same location as

stock. AI cars must utilize the OEM rear shock towers for rear shock attachment. Attachment of camber

or caster adjusting devices is unrestricted. The OEM rear shock tower must be intact and the shock mount

must pass through the original hole in the tower. The tower may be modified to install shock mounts,

reinforcements, or spacers but the OEM assembly must remain in place. However, - Pre-1974 cars may

modify or remove front shock towers (if applicable) and are unrestricted for rear shock mounting points.


Bolded emphasis mine. Based on the pre 1974 clause it seems like I can change the shock mounting points on both the front and rear which opens up the door to a different K member with different shock mounting as well as a torque arm with coil overs.



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