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Any thoughts on the fastest way to strap down a car?

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After recently strapping my car down in an enclosed trailer in full-fledged summer heat I was wondering if the people have suggestions on a quick way to strap down a car.


I've been using 4 straps that form a kind of "double X" in which front right is hooked to the floor behind the rear left, rear right is hooked to the floor in front of the left front, and so on and so forth.


This can typically take between 6 and 8 minutes to complete, at the end of which (during summer) I often look and feel like I just stepped out of Finland's fiercest sauna.

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Lucid Moments

Strapping in the car at the end of the weekend is my least favorite thing to do. I use a pair of short, fixed length straps in the front, and two straps in the rear going straight back. I don't love the fixed straps in the front because it is almost impossible to get the car perfectly centered on them and usually the car will shift a little on the road. I have purchased, but not yet installed a pair of lashing winches to replace the fixed front.

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In my opinion, the best way to strap a car down is using the strap "nets" that just go over each tire, and attach to E-track in the floor just in front of and behind each wheel.

This lets the car ride on its suspension, and should be very quick.

But, the straps are expensive, you need to position the vehicle very accurately, and you need to install the E-trac.

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Not sure there's a quicker way that wouldn't compromise safety than the way than what you're doing it now.  Been cross strapping for ever, keeps car from going forward or backwards and also side to side, which is more often when towing.  Strapping the car in is a PITA, especially when its hot out.  But loading the trailer is even more of a PITA.  Where did all that stuff come from?  Loading seems to take twice as long as unloading.  My pit crew (wife) seems to disappear when its loading time, but is more than ready to help...unloading...hmmm:classic_huh: 

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