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Wheel Size

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I was curious as to what size of wheels people are running in the H2 class for a Honda Civic SI?


Thank You


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Rob O

7.13 Wheels and Tires

7.13.1 The spec tires are Toyo Proxes RR (dry) and Toyo Proxes RA-1 (wet).

7.13.2 Track width may be changed by use of spacers or wheel offset, but the tire shoulder may not protrude outside of the fender when viewed from directly above the hub.

7.13.3 Wheel studs, wheel bolts and/or wheel nuts are unrestricted.

7.13.4 Any wheel diameter may be used.

7.13.5 The maximum wheel width for H2 and H4 is seven (7.00) inches.

7.13.6 Wheels must be made of metal.


Hope this helps.

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