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Exhaust Exit Clarification

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Hey all, I know this has been addressed in the past. I'm flirting with some more serious aero and don't like my current rear exit solution from a packaging/proximity of parts to heat/and ground clearance perspective.


I'd like to do a body exit exhaust (debating the door or the area just rearward of the door) and pass it through the driver's compartment to get there. With appropriate heat shielding and cabin air flow of course. I don't want to stop roasting my trans and diff just to roast myself instead.




11.4.22 - Exhaust Exit

The exhaust must exit behind and away from the driver compartment.


I presume the exit point specifically is what is being considered here. I'd like some clarity here. Can I pass it through the passenger door or does it have to be rearward of the plane of the driver?

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