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New TREC Series Inaugural race Sept 8-9 2018 Sonoma

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Have you heard about this?


New Series with lower entry point.

Rules here: https://nasanorcal.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Team-Racing-Endurance-ChallengeV7.pdf


Inaugural race is 10 hrs long. No night racing. 5 hrs Sat afternoon Par cars (no work) then resume on Sunday Morning.


Trimmed up version:

NASA Endurance rules

No timed stops

4 people over the wall for refueling

Unlimited number of crew over the wall for work

HPDE 3 (intermediate) level drivers and up

Successful completion of their first race will earn them a series racing license.

Tread wear 180 or higher tires to keep costs lower


Register here: https://nasaproracing.com/events/2831


Questions? http://scott@drivenasa.com

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Looks like a great concept. The Norcal emails were originally suggesting a three-ish hour race, which would have been somewhat easier to do on a whim. A 10 hour enduro with only about a month's notice is a little tougher for teams to pull together. Nonetheless, I hope it's a big success and expands in the future.

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