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2018 RCRs for the 2019 rulebook

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Well its that time of the year again. In case you forgot below is the rule change request procedure and adjusted timeline.



1. Rule change requests (RCR’s) will be accepted all season from the release date of the previous years rule package until October 25th of the current year. Note rules will not be changed mid season unless absolutely necessary. Technical bulletins may be issued by Nasa as has been done in the past.

2. RCR’s must be submitted via email to the national director with a CC to your regional director. Please include which class & 'RCR' in the subject line.

3. RCR’s must contain the following: Name, region, contact info, class, rule number, recommended changes and reasoning.

4. RCR’s will be assigned a number for future reference, ie AIRCR-010113.

5. RCR’s will be prioritized and addressed by the regional and national directors all season.

6. RCR’s will be listed on the forums by October 25th for public comment.

7. New rules packages will be submitted to Nasa HQ for approval by November 1st.

8. New rules packages to be approved by Nasa HQ and released to the public by November 15th.


Timeline Commitment:


All season – RCRs submitted and addressed

Oct 25th – RCRs done. RCRs open for public comment.

Nov 1st – Rules pack submitted to Nasa HQ

Nov 15th – Rules approved and released


Thanks, Al Watson.

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