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Rule Proposal: Change GTS to Grand Touring Series


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The relatively open rule set in GTS is what makes the class unique in NASA. There are racers who own non-German cars that would be drawn to the rule philosophy over more restrictive classes. There are currently some cars that don't really have a home in GTS or ST due to modifications or just being models excluded from classes where they would fit. There are also some who receive what they perceive as unfair mods in ST (such as A-ARM, side exhaust, fender mod exclusions, etc) which can cause them to be less competitive in their own class. Welcoming these new racers into a Grand Touring Series would be positive for car counts while still enabling the German cars to remain the premier marks. This class would include everyone except North American cars. So no Vettes, Mustangs, LS swaps etc. Please participate in the poll posted on the NASA GTS page. As of 12:30 pn 9/24 there are 45 responses with 67% in support, 24% opposed, and 9% indifferent.


The goal of this is to obviously improve car count in GTS. Along with the ratio change for GTS1/2 this should create an immediate improvement in participation in those classes. Many of the common race cars such as Miata's, S2000's, BRZ's, RX8's, 350Z's, and Honda's should slot nicely into those ratios.

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