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2006 Lotus Elise modified for track and street

Cone Eater

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2006 Lotus Elise

Clean Title, w bank lien


Chrome Orange

current mileage: 86,XXX

factory rare combination: sport package, LSD + traction control (one push defeat able). NO touring package (rare in the US).

Price $29,000

Flickr album here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/140926443@N03/8or01F

Lap of VIR:

I love love love this car, and it will be very hard to watch her go, but it seems like the right time for a change and try to get more track-competition focused. I am only selling to get into something that fits better within the NASA Time Trial and racing classification paradigm, and is easier to fit a cage and proper race seats in.

Lotus UK (Andy Graham) certificate of Provenance is included, indicating this is a 1 of 1 in it’s color and options combination in the USA.

I believe I am the 3rd owner. The owner previous to me drove the car in several long-distance road rallys and competed in the One Lap of America event. The car was featured in a Tire Rack ad during that event. I purchased the car in summer 2015. Since I’ve owned it I have done 5 track weekends and a handful of autocross events with it. It is well set up for this dual street-track duty, with a lean toward aggressive track setup. The mechanics of the car have been well cared for, always with high end fluids and regularly, if not overly frequently, changed. I have kept a small log of all service I have performed on the car since my purchase, including oil changes, transmission fluid, brake flushes/bleeds, etc with mileage notation, as well as timing of track days within that schedule.

Full disclosure:

-The rear end was re-sprayed prior to my ownership, and it is not a top-end job. If the light is just right, you can see which areas were repainted, but its a decent 20ft match. Since the rear clam is so easy to remove with the Radium kit on, the whole thing could be taken somewhere for a respray if it bothered you, but as it is mostly a track and backroad toy for me, I didn’t think it was worth the cost. The lower area (plate plinth) on the front clam has some chips from track use, but otherwise the new front clam paint is beautiful. There is a crack in the passenger side grab handle area present when I bought it which can only be seen if you bend down. A couple other paint flaws as expected for a 12 year old car.

-The CF “race roof” (see below) has some spidering in the clear coat at front and rear edges, but is cosmetic only.

-Steering wheel leather is a little rough. new wheels can be had for $200 on the forums, or this one can be easily wrapped in alcantara, etc for probably the same money.



-Stage II exhaust (factory option)

-intake snorkel removed (will come with sale)

-Sector111 Gpan baffled oil pan

-ACT HDSS clutch (installed 2/2016 @~81,000miles)

-Fidanza flywheel (same time as above)

-ARP flywheel bolts

-Innovative front and rear high durometer motor mounts

-lightweight Deka battery with RLS battery mount

-MWR shifter stabilizer mod

-Rebuilt passenger CV joint with hi-temp Redline grease and BOE ‘tuff boot’; entire axle gold-taped and custom heat shield between header and CV (can provide details and pics if desired).

-ARP long wheel studs with black lugs (new 3/2018)


-Ohlins double-adjustable, remote reservoir coilovers

-Lotus track package front adjustable sway bar

-Sector111 V2 steering arms

-New track rod ends (steering rack ends)

-Sector111 DS brace rear toe link upgrade

-Front DBA 4000 rotors, oem rear rotors

-Ferodo DS2500 brake pads (8/2017 @ 84,516mi; 3 track weekends on them, but plenty left - this car doesn’t use brakes)

(spare Hawk front pads included)


-Radium rear clam removal kit (no need to mess with the interior - clam comes off in 20 minutes)

-S111 rear panel eliminator, custom flat black powder coated this season

(OEM rear panel available)

-OEM rear diffuser, custom flat black powder coated this season

-APR GTC 200 rear wing w trunk bracing

-GRP front folding tow hook

-BOE rear above-diffuser tow hook

-CF single-skin "race roof” with custom quick-latch attachment and brackets. roof weighs 5lbs and can be swapped on in <5 minutes.

-OEM soft top (touring top with inner cover layer)

-OEM hard top storage bag for CF roof

-used GRP aluminum ‘race’ side skirts - included but not installed. I was going to re-powder coat these and install them but haven’t done so. car has not been drilled for these yet.


-Technocraft T3 dry carbon seats - carbon/kevlar front and carbon rear; extra padding on drivers side only w headrest on both. roughly $1400 each new (https://technocraft.myshopify.com/products/tecnocraft-t3-dry-carbon-fiber-seat?variant=21791479041)

-Schroth harnesses (6pt driver, 5pt passenger)

seats and harnesses are HANS compatible

-Harness bar (i think S111 - was on when purchased)

-Ti-Dave sub strap mounting bars

-TechnoToy Tuning aluminum carpet bases and tops (bases riveted to floor like stock units)

-Stan’s clutch-stop mod

-floor sound deadening/padding removed

-Stereo deleted (removed 8lbs) with custom CF speaker covers (All wires are taped up where they were, so this could be reversed fairly easily)

-AC controls moved to stereo location w custom CF bracket

-dash bag

-door cards and center console professionally plastidipped black (originally silver plastic standard parts underneath)(couple of scratches through this on the passenger side from riders)

-door card ‘teardrops’ custom wrapped in alcantara headliner material

-custom shift boot in alcantara headliner material w orange stitching

-custom WC Lathewerks black copolymer shift knob with OEM-style pattern custom engraved


-949 Racing 15x8 and 17x9 wheels in ‘Charcoal’ black (these are miata fitment, not the new lotus fitment model which only comes in beryllium color); these are insanely light for the size - nothing lighter will fit this car and allow this much tire.

-Custom machined aluminum hub centric and wheel-centric spacers (8mm and 10mm IIRC)

-Bridgestone RE71R tires, 205/50/15 and 245/40/17 (rears new 9/2017, fronts summer 2016)

one spare rear RE71R at about 60% (the other got a nail in it, hence the replacement)

-LSS wheels in silver - need to be refinished but are solid and round

-Spare set of Toyo R1Rs in sizes for LSS wheels, plenty of rubber left but older date stamps


coolant “U-tube” wrapped in rubber fuel line to protect against rubbing failure (common on these cars)

several spare OEM key fobs included

V1 Fubrication Unikey w CF buttons included (not currently in use)

New OEM drivers seat rail in 2016 (old one was a little worn out)

long-distance keyless entry mod

OEM shift knob and ebrake handle included in sale


-oil cooler line recall completed per prior owner

-New Gates belts 12/2015 @ 80,750mi

-NGK Iridium plugs 1/2016 @ 80,845mi

-replaced Tstat with all-metal upgrade and new gasket 2/2018; complete coolant flush and fill w Peak Global Lifetime 2/2018 @ 85,479mi; the OEM Tstats are known to fail, as mine did, and replacement is a PITA.

-oil changed every 2 track weekends. Blackstone Analysis completed on most of these all looks great

-Transmission fluid replaced when clutch installed; Redline MT90

brakes bled before every track weekend (ATE typ200)

-I just recently had the common cam wiping (wear) issue that many Elises have. I had the cam and rockers replaced with brand new OEM replacements from MWR, and readjusted the valve lash a bit looser than factory (lash too tight is one of the theories on why these cams wipe in the elise).


Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. The car is priced to sell as I've got my eye on a couple race cars right now.

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