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Clarification needed - ST5/6 ruleset


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Rule clarification from the experts please.

In the 2019 ST5/ST6 rules under section 6.1.4 "BTM Aero" Modification Factor - line 4 in the exceptions to BTM aero section states the following:

4) Front wing window/frame removal and replacement with Lexan.

Normally, I would assume it should be written as "removal and/or replacement" if either were allowed, but the wording implies to me that only replacement with Lexan is the available choice. I'm hoping it is just a typo/oversight as I would very much like to remove the driver side wing window for easier exit in case of emergency once I install a halo seat. There are other areas in that section of the rules where "and/or" was used.

This is for a NB Miata BTW. I know wing window removal is fairly common in non-Spec series.  Thank you for any insight you might be able to provide!

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