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1993 Miata track toy, VVT and lots more


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$8000 no trades.  Neal at [email protected]


Pictures here https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPI5h0jIHNaII8B__Od___-AaFVfYElXG8R5LMgX_je7vqfoJZ-7JgYLZ8Pz_t30A?key=OWE3dFFOTzdlQ3ZfaWRjdHpZdnA5WkZpVk1hQ3pB

Licensed for street in Texas.  Would be OK for drives to events but stiff suspension and no AC or heater wouldn’t be comfortable for daily use.


Body/chassis in good shape with 132xxx total miles.  Some hail dings on the hood.  Paint ok but nothing special.


A decently fast track toy that needs a driver who wants to log lots of relatively inexpensive miles.


I have owned this car since 2007 and am ready for something different.  Going to a newer car that can be comfortably driven to events and around town.  Getting older and lazier.


No carpet or interior trim except door trim.  Street legal so OEM windshield, wipers, windows and power mirrors in place and headlights and all lights work.  Driver side air vent.  Heater core leaked so disconnected. 


3,000 miles since installing an 85,000 mile 2005 1.8 VVT engine (timing belt, water pump. seals, MazdaSpeed HD motor mounts replaced at that time).  Engine has great oil pressure.  60+ cold and over 45 hot at WOT.  2016 new alternator.  2018 new starter.  2018 installed 1999 VICS intake manifold for more power.


Engine is controlled by a MegaSquirt PNP2 with 2018 firmware and a VVTuner.  Conservative 2018 dyno tune by Miata specialty shop yielded 133 rwhp and 127 rwtq.  Starts and idles nicely hot or cold.  


Racing Beat header with Track Dog blanket and cone style K&N air filter with custom heat shield.


No heating issues.  Flying Miata hood hot air exhaust louvers, aluminum radiator and coolant reroute.  Gates plate-type oil cooler.  End of session in July 2018 on 108 degree day saw water temp of 190-200 and oil temp of 245.


Custom exhaust system with Burns and Borla mufflers, and separate bolt-on straight pipe replacement for Borla muffler.  It can be quiet or not depending on requirements.


1999 Torsen 4.3 gear ratio differential with Power Pro poly mount bushings.


1999 5 speed transmission.  Spec clutch and aluminum flywheel. 


Wilwood 4 piston 11” diameter front brakes (2018 new front pads) with two piece rotors, and 1999 Sport rear brake conversion (2018 new rotors and pads).  Front brake air ducting.  New front pads and used front rotors, and new rear brake pads included.


Wilwood driver adjustable brake proportioning valve, and braided brake lines.


2018 new Energy Suspension poly bushings throughout with grease fittings, new upper and extended lower ball joints, new tie rod ends, 5X Racing bump steer kit, new custom valved Bilstein coil overs from Whitener Racing Shocks (700 and 450), and Racing Beat hollow big front sway bar.


MadzaSpeed HD front sway bar mount brackets, 1999 shock top hats and Advanced Autosports HD camber bolts.


2018 corner weight and align by Miata specialty shop after new suspension work.  2220# without driver with 5/8 tank of fuel.


2018 new Mazda front hubs and new Advanced Autosport HD longer wheel studs.


Tow hooks front and rear.


Track Dog Racing hood struts.


New Mazda brake master and clutch master at 128xxx.


PPF Power Kit (brace for Power Plant Frame).


Treasure Coast light weight (20 lbs only) bolt in Hard Top painted red to match.


Hard Dog bolt in Roll Cage  http://www.bethania-garage.com/images/cage1.jpg


Two UltraShield Spec Miata seats with Crow 5 point harneses.  Driver seat is adjustable front-to-rear on OEM slider.  Autopower driver side adjustable length seat back brace.  Passenger side seat back bolted to cage.


Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp and Innovate wide band Air-Fuel gauges plus shift light.  New Bosch 02 sensor 2018. 


Removable steering wheel with working horn.


Battery Tender lithium battery (1.6 pounds) with whole car electrical cut off switch.


Koenig “Dial In” 15” x 9” 12.5# wheels with decent 225 45 15 Toyo RR tires.  I typically get 800+ track miles from a set.


Delivery distance negotiable.  


Driver Cool Shirt (size Large) with ice chest, pump, and cooler lines negotiable.


949 6UL 15 x 8 wheels with Bridgestone RE71R negotiable.

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