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2019 ST5 & 6 Revision 10-30-18 v2.2

Greg G.

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  • National Staff

The latest version of the 2019 ST5 & ST6 rules will be posted shortly. 

Changes from version 2.1 include:

The addition of Appendix C--Additional ST6 Eligible Vehicle Models (those approved that are either over OEM 168 hp or 2449cc)
The clarification that 2449cc is the maximum displacement in ST6 (including after engine modifications are completed)
Forced Induction is not permitted in ST6
Front wing windows/frames may be removed without replacement with Lexan
Limit of increase in displacement on Appendix C vehicles over 2449cc to 10cc
Appendix C vehicles engines over 2449cc may only be used as engine swap donors to the same vehicle model (ST6 eligible still) of a different year


We will now start working on the new Car Classification Forms for '19.   '18 Rules and forms will remain posted until all '18 events are completed (mid December).

Thanks.  Time to build!

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  • National Staff

No, we haven't discussed not permitting Forced Induction in ST6 before.  As in the other decisions made regarding this new series, it was decided by the NASA executives once we decided to go with Appendix C that FI was not in the best interest of the success of this new class.  Forced Induction vehicles are welcome in ST5 and above. 

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