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2019 GTS Rules are posted.

Michael G.

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2019 GTS Rules are posted. The changes are highlighted in yellow.

After discussions and considerations, we agreed on replacement of cc limits with the Concept of Natural Classing. We also changed ratios for GTS 1 and 2. Considering the potential negative impact to few models, especially S52 powered BMWs running in GTS 3, as well as older P cars running in 4, we decided on keeping ratios in 3, 4 and 5 as is. We will be evaluating the future changes in the composition of the fields in classes to determine any future adjustments in ratios for 2020 and beyond. Additionally, the leadership outlined longer term plans and directions the series will target in the document attached. This is to serve as a concept which will be implemented based on the drivers support.

The on line Calculator will be updated soon.

Michael G.

GTS Nat. Dir.

2019 GTS Vision & Changes.docx

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