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New to NASA HPDE - You have to try this!


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I NEVER join forums like this, but after this past weekend I feel obligated!

I attended my very first HPDE event ever at NASA Road Atlanta event last weekend and had the time of my life! For anyone even remotely considering this, do it! Try a NASA event! The community of people there were unbelievably welcoming and helpful. Not the least bit of an intimidating atmosphere. I couldnt have asked for a better instructor in Doug Wear. He was a great coach, encouraged me to push my limits, and got me over my trouble spots (primarily that pesky little gut twisting turn 11!). Doug even took me out in his car to demonstrate and reinforce his teaching. 

Classroom Instructor Mark (sorry, cant recall last name), very informative and supportive, giving great advice and encouragement. 

Brand new to road racing, making my first laps in the pouring rain at Road Atlanta, still pushing my personal limits, WOW! Honestly, beyond events involving my marriage and girls, Tops all else ive done in life. Cant wait till next event!

Just wanted to encourage anyone looking into this that may have a little trepidation, Dont. NASA is a great organization, highly recommend giving this a try!


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I think you're preaching to the choir here! If we registered here, it's already too late for us :classic_laugh: I was not too much into car stuff before coming to the USA, but a friend dragged me to a NASA event in Seattle a couple months ago, and I was injected with the virus...

Now I think it'd be quite a good idea to invite friends, family and acquaintances to races and other events, just, you know, to see something cool this weekend... 

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