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2019 ST/TT Car Classification Form now online!

Greg G.

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Hi Folks,

The 2019 ST/TT Car Classification Form is now posted online and ready to be used as both a class calculator tool and for competitors to submit their 2019 ST and TT Car Classification Forms and Dyno data.  Roman and I have revised the format of the form in what we believe are significant upgrades from last year.  The form is much easier to use as just a calculator for those not ready to submit, and it provides a much better .pdf output that will make fellow competitor modification review and official compliance inspections easier.  As well, we have improved the database by providing a link to the competitor to modify their submission if necessary throughout the year, instead of having multiple submissions for the same vehicle in the same class.  There is a "previous submission" link in the database that will allow competitors to view the prior submission, and NASA has access to all previous submissions and timestamp data if needed for compliance issues.  https://supertouring.nasaseries.com/forms-rules/

Also, we have posted a link to the NASA ST/TT Avg HP Calculator.  We tested it at the NASA Championships at COTA, and it was an invaluable tool!  We will be providing detailed instructions on the web page in the future, but it is pretty simple to use.  First, you must have the 50 rpm data export file from either WinPEP7 or WinPEP8 saved (.txt and .csv files, not the actual WinPEP run file).  Go to the Avg HP Calculator page, and answer whether the car is forced induction or not.  Then, click "upload", and find your export file.  Open it, and the program does the rest.  You can then either print the results directly or save as a .pdf file that can then be uploaded along with your ST/TT Car Classification Form.  NO MORE FRUSTRATING PICKING THROUGH THE EXPORT FILE MANUALLY AND CALCULATING THE AVG HP!!!   Now, if you are an AWD car and not using a Dynojet--sorry, you are out of luck still--use a Dynojet!

Let us know if you find any glitches or have any suggestions for upgrades.

We do have plans to attempt to build a calculator for those who do not know what class the car will be competing in, but it will be down the road, as it is much more complicated. 

We are all looking forward to a great season in 2019--and heading back to Mid-Ohio Sept 19-23 for the NASA Champs!

Greg Greenbaum, M.D.
NASA National ST/TT Director
NASA National Medical Director

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I ended up with two TT3 submissions.  How can I delete one of them?

2019-145 is the one I wish to remove.

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7 hours ago, Clavette said:

I ended up with two TT3 submissions.  How can I delete one of them?

2019-145 is the one I wish to remove.

Marked a duplicate. Good to go. 


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