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Swapping 968 motor into a 924


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Let me begin by apologizing for hijacking this forum to ask a non 944 question, but this might be the only place where I might get some answers …. I currently run a 1979 naturally aspirated 924 at Bonneville where it holds the 2 liter Classic Production class record at 149.859 MPH. Since the car's speed as configured is pretty well maxed out, I'm thinking of pulling the existing motor and swapping in a 3 liter 968 engine.

As far as I've gone I've learned that the 968 mounts differently and uses a hydraulically actuated clutch and of course is ECM controlled. To that end I realize that I'll likely have to buy a pretty much intact donor car to get all the pieces that will be required. 

My big question now however is whether or not the 968 engine will bolt up to the existing 924 drive train - including the bell housing. In looking at pictures I've found on line, the shape and bolt pattern of the engine's rear looks just like the 924's - but close is far from exact. Anybody here have any answers?


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